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Deanna L
Illustrations and Tidbits
I’ve been playing to much Mario Kart 8, so here is my character Deus Marionette all dressed up and ready to race. 
Mrs. Frank from my card game. Testing the layout of the cards is actually a lot of fun. 
Less than 25 hours until the end of the Drinking Quest Trilogy Edition Kickstarter. Have you backed the Drinking Quest Trilogy edition yet?Please do, we worked really hard on it. Yeti Man from the Kega Man 2 series. 
I had to do fanart of this show, I loved it a lot as a kid, and still do as an adult. 
If anyone actually remembers this show or knows what it is I will draw you whatever you want! Seriously, it is so hard to find people who saw this show, so if you’re one of them let me know, I will give you art. 
HintTheir names are in order from left to right, Alexander, Gustav and Max.
Drink Responsibly And Back this Kickstarter 
Jupiter Thunder Bolt Crash! 
Sailor Jupiter is the best scout
Renegade Red Wizard Melusinda and her raven Hades. 
Self Portrait - Pin Up Style 
Enna’s Scars