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Lich in the Laundry room WIP Page from Dragon in the Doghouse 
What’s the lastest in the news Mr. Lich?
Dragon in the Doghouse
New design for Brandon Draga’s picture bookI might add more details to the grass 
"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island."

Walt Disney
"It’s a God Damn Dinosaur Laser Fight" 
Danny Sexbang from Ninja Sexparty. This is going to be used by a friend for a weird project.
What am I doing with my life…
The four main characters from Brandon Draga’s first book “The Summerlark Elf”
O’Doc, Erasmus, Enna and Adrik
The book is available online online at Amazon in e-book or hard copyYou can now also buy it in stores if you live in Toronto at Bakka Phoenix Books
Silver Snail
The book is charming and full of lovable characters and interesting plots.
Enna Summerlark from The Summerlark Elf, first book from the Four Kingdoms Saga Book available here, e-copies also available from amazon
Brandon’s Blog
For a pretty girl going through a hard time
"Cheer up Charlie" 
Monster Tea Party 
Princess Deus and Peekoh enjoying a lovely evening tea 
15. March 2014


So, as of right now, my first novel, “The Summerlark Elf”, is available for sale. It would be really cool if people decided to check it out.

Deus Marionette Walk 
A walk cycle test for an animation I’m working oneverything is rigged separately, so it makes animating much easier