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Deanna L
Illustrations and Tidbits
"A Real Boy"A re-make of an older picture I did. Combining my love of Disney and Mega Man. The Blue Fairy visited more than one house. 
Getting hyped for Halloween early this year 
Re-worked cover page for Dragon in the Doghouse
Deus Marionette all 1920’s and stuffShe’s got that swing 
Never let a Lich do the laundry, they’ll only much it up. 
Kenshiro from Terra LucisI finally got around to drawing stuff from this, been excited for this for about 3 years!I love blonde bad boys…
Favorite work outfit  
Cats don’t care about anything, not even trolls 
"Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it."

Salvador Dali
Pig Topiary…Because why not